“Napoli 2035” is a non-profit project with the intection to give more visibility about the homeless and show all the associations that have care of them. The idea is to create a company of volunteers and artist for the creation of multimedia and / or editorial artefact called “Scorz”, made it with low-impact materials.

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“Napoli 2035 – The Graphic Novel” is a story about a friendship, born in the streets of Naples, in a close future. Libero, who lives by the street, wakes up under Galleria Principe’s portico, as he does every day, while rich people live in flying houses, by now. That morning, though, there is a new arrival under the portico: Darya, who seems to feel sick, so Libero decides to help her, even if he doesn’t know her at all. Meanwhile, a huge antimatter factory is about to be launched on the top of Vesuvius mountain, so big and highly-technological that it can convert the explosive charge of the volcano in energy and protect the city; but local gangsters want to use it for other purposes…

This story is narrated by an old piece of paper, rolled into a ball and thrown near a sidewalk, who has a lot to say, for it has been recycled so many times now.

The plot is interactive, for it will evolve thanks to the readers who participate to our workshops: here they can name paper objects they like the most, which will play the role of the many lives of the narrating piece of paper.


Giuseppe D’Alessandro: graduated from “Design for the Built Environment” at University of Naples Federico II and shelter’s creator, he works as a designer for Formaperta s.r.l. and freelance video maker.

Ilaria Feola: writer, scriptwriter, farmer, comics enthusiast and drum player.

Jasper Precht: Design student at FH of Potsdam, painter and illustrator.

Monica Minelli: graduated from D.a.vi.mu.s. at University of Salerno, production assistant.

Antonio Altieri: geek, technology and videogames enthusiast, he looks after website and social medias for this project and gives advices for the graphic novel.

Arturo Squillace: Graphic designer, expert of miracles! adores all that is art. 

Marco D’Alessandro: graduated from “Statistics for decisions” at University of Naples Federico II, gym enthusiast.

Pietro Turino: has a Master’s degree in Comparative languages, he’s trying to preserve endangered languages and peoples. He loves diversity and differences