Napoli 2035 is a project born in 2017 and reports, by using different medias, homeless people’s condition, trying to help those who can’t give nothing in return.
This project was born as a thesis for the “Master of Science in Design for the Built Environment” by Architecture Department of Federico II University, in Naples, and integrates among the others solidarity projects co-existing on the territory, which though, unfortunately, don’t have enough visibility.
We imagine a not-so-far future in which people doesn’t have to live by the streets of this town, and we want to involve homeless people, companies, artists and designers, professionals and volunteers, and everyone who wants to contribute to live together in accord. We have created a series of products, of mixed media, that are not just simple objects. Starting from co-design with our consumer, homeless people, we saw the shelter as a place of both interaction and safety, privacy.
In Italy and Europe have spread street furniture with the aim of keeping “urban decency”. These objects are gathered in a category known as hostile design: small benches, studded sidewalks, iron spikes and other stuff to prevent people from “encamp”. Our project is, as an extreme solution, opposite to these kind of ventures and wants to be host instead of hostile. Napoli 2035 wants to be something that puts in contact rather than push away; something that can give shelter from cold and privacy violations, but that can also, at the same time, encourage people to connect, understand the problem and show it in the streets, instead of hiding it.

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